“Mark’s love of lacrosse and commitment to grow the game is   contagious. He genuinely loves coaching and mentoring athletes of all ages and our experience with Mark has been nothing but positive. I have no doubt that this program will be a true reflection of Mark’s work ethic, leadership, creativity, and passion for the game of lacrosse.” – Vicki M. Barrhaven, ON

“Darcy played an invaluable role in my personal growth throughout the years of my development. With a good balance of keeping players in line and focusing on the task at hand, Darcy makes sure everything is being done with a smile on your face and reminds you that you are doing what you love. Darcy does a great job of recognizing players strengths and weaknesses to best utilize them and build on those weaknesses over the course of a season to get you to that next level. Having Darcy as a coach at age 13 and again at age 20, it showed me just how knowledgeable he is in regards to getting those fundamentals into you at a younger age when coaching is so crucial and then later focusing on more advanced systems at the junior level. All in all Darcy is a very knowledgeable, kind, enthusiastic, and hard working coach who is always looking to grow the game and better any player he comes across whether it’s one he’s coached, or one just looking for any sort of help at a clinic.” – Nic A. Ottawa, ON 

“For young athletes, Mark has a way of making hard work both fun and enjoyable.  He connects well with all players regardless of age, talent level and personality type.  He’s a trained educator with a passion for lacrosse which makes for a terrific coaching combination.  The seeds Mark sowed with our son at an early age helped propel him to a highly successful high school and college career.” – John H. Wayland, MA

Not only was he a great coach, but a great guy himself. When he first started to coach me in my last year of U19 lacrosse I had no idea what to expect. I never had a field lacrosse goalie coach except my first ever year. Coach Matt was one of the best goalie coaches I’ve ever had, not just in lacrosse but in all the sports I’ve played. He first established a relationship with me and did that by getting to know me and finding out what kind of goalie I was. When we started doing drills, they were actually some of my favorite I’ve done. Sometimes we have those drills in practice that the players go “when is this ever going to be useful in a game”. With Coach Matt I never second-guessed it, they were exhausting and required me to work my tail off, but the energy he brought and the respect I had for him kept me pushing. The one season I had him as a coach was by far my greatest as a goalie, and most definitely my favorite. He didn’t just improve my skills as a goalie but also my IQ for the game took a huge leap forward. After every drill, he would always have something I could improve on or how I could have done something different. This was especially true when it came to my passing, which I can now confidently say is one of the best skills of my game. It was sad going off to university knowing I wasn’t going to have him as one of my coaches. He was by far the best goalie coach I ever had with an amazing presence on the bench.” – Josh L. -Ottawa, ON

“Coach Mark possesses a great deal of lacrosse knowledge and has a natural talent at transferring it to his players.  He does a great job of balancing the technical explanations and keeping things fun so the kids stay interested.  I’ve seen Mark coach 6 year olds, university students and every age in between while effortlessly changing his communication to fit the player in front of him.  All 3 of my boys have been coached by Mark and I’ve never seen them more excited to head to the field then when playing on a team he coaches.  I doubt there are many whose passion for the game runs deeper than Mark’s.” – Kyle M. Kanata, ON.

“Mark possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s motivational, passionate, and determined to get better. More importantly, he instills these same qualities in the athletes and coaches he interacts with. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to not only learn from Mark, but to coach alongside him. You won’t find a more committed and caring coach anywhere!” – Adam H. Barrhaven, ON

“When I think of the qualities that make a good coach, I think of someone who is compassionate, sees strength in all of their athletes, is forever a student of the game and has a perpetually optimistic bias. Coach Mark is all of these things and more. Thank you for your dedication to the athletes.” – Jeff G. Manotick, ON