The 7’s Series

Bytown Lacrosse 7’s Series –
2022 Start date – See Summer Speed Lacrosse Program for 2021

Located in Ottawa, Bytown’s 7’s Series will take place at different times of the year. These series will align with the fall competitive lacrosse season in Ottawa, the box lacrosse season in Ottawa and with the dates outlined by the Ontario Hockey Federation Pathway program. This will allow as many players as possible to play field lacrosse throughout the year and not interfere with their competitive fall field season and also allows for the younger players to play multiple sports, while fully committing to them all.

We will be using a 7v7 format (6 field players, 1 goalie).  We will look to add a couple of fun elements to this series as well, including a 2-pt arc!  It will definitely strive to be the fastest game on two feet in Ottawa!  

More information will be coming soon. For any questons, please contact!