Small Sided Games/Clinics

Small-sided games have been a part of lacrosse coaches’ repertoires for decades. It is not just lacrosse either, as Hockey Canada has recently taking strides to shrink the ice for their younger players to develop as well.

At Bytown, we believe that these games maximize the the touches that each player has offensively, as well as defensively, and help increase the tempo and ability for players to operate in tight spaces. They also increase the fun, enjoyment and teamwork of all players involved when playing these types of games. It’s counterproductive and boring when players are standing idle, 50 yards from the ball, when training.

With more coaches and players recognizing the benefits of small-sided competition, new portable versions of the sport have popped up in recent years and we plan on using those methods in both training and practices, as well as POP UP EVENTS, throughout the calendar year.

Why pop up events? We believe that it is very important for our athletes to not just play, but to be fully committed to, multiple sports. The only way we can make this happen, is if we lessen the commitment during the months that lacrosse is not in season. By running a pop up event, with a one day clinic, or tournament, it will allow athletes available that day to keep the stick in their hands and train in the offseason, without having to make the choice to be less committed to their “in season” sport!