Recruiting Consulting

Trying to navigate the complicated University and Collegiate recruiting process. We can help!

We will also do team seminars to talk with your team about what the NCAA college recruiting landscape looks like.

  • What Can we do to help!
    • Recruiting questionnaire to help guide your process
    • Help you develop a recruiting timeline
      • You are your best recruiter – knowing this will help you maximize that ability
    • Review your game tapes with you and give you my opinion of the level of play vs your potential 
      • Develop SMART Goals to help you reach your goals in the areas of:
        • Academics
        • Mental Toughness
        • Strength and Conditioning
        • On Field
        • On Floor
        • MITs (Most Important Tasks)
    • Guide you throughout the process with quarterly, and eventually monthly, checklists of things to do
    • Help you build an athletic resume
    • Help you build first contact email
    • Build a full recruitment profile to assist you and your family moving forward
  • Initial Consult always Free
    • Fee structure depends on what you would like to do post the initial meeting
  • My guarantee
    • My guarantee is that I will help assist you in finding the right school for you to excel academically, socially and athletically
    • We will help you through what you can control during the process and steps for being recruited
    • Recruiting is often misunderstood, as well as scholarships – I can’t, nor can anyone, guarantee you a specific level of play, or a scholarship
    • We can promise to always act with your best intentions in mind and offer you honest feedback