COVID-19 Policy

Thunderbird Sports Dome Parking Policy!

Below are some additional important points to note for the Thunderbird facilitiy!

  • Please note the parking instructions above. *We will be in Dome 1
  • Friendly reminder that no players or coaches are allowed to enter until 1:55pm and everyone must be out by 2:55.
  • The WOSC building is closed to the public except for emergency use of bathrooms. Players are encourage to use the bathroom at home.
  • Carousels into the dome are NOT to be touched with bare hands. Players will enter through the carousel using their covered forearms, shoulder or back. Only 1 player is allowed in the carousel at a time.
  • Masks or shields are required by everyone including coaches (unless otherwise exempt) when entering/exiting the dome or WOSC building as per the temporary Mandatory Mask By-Law. Players may remove masks during the actual session.
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands before entering the field and before exiting the dome. Players are asked to carry their own sanitizer but some will be available in the dome.
  • Dome capacity is 50.
  • Parents should not be in the dome. A note from WOSC… please advise them that they should not be standing outside the carousel doors to peek in the dome. This area should remain clear at all times.


As of 12/8/21:

Parents can remain in the parking lot of the facility, but not indoors until when/if government regulations allow more people. While at Thunderbird, we ask that parents do not crowd the windows to peak inside. We will be taking video during the sessions and can share everything we can take afterwards if needed.

Practice plans, game play and the grouping of players has been designed with player and coach safety in mind.  As such, attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session as required by current public health guidelines.  A form will be sent out to be filled out the day of each session. Before beginning play you must check in with the COVID safety officer to ensure that you are able to participate for that days practice.

Any player exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should NOT attend a session.  If your player exhibits symptoms between sessions, we would ask that you notify us for information purposes only, and follow the outlined policies of the Ontario Government.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please send an email to

Coaches will take the first few minutes of each session to reviews these policies with all players. 


1 – No face-offs
2 – No touching ball with anything but the stick
3 – No physical contact (including picks)
4 – Stick Checks Only
5 – Lacrosse gloves on all the time
6 – Coaches must wear face masks when they can not socially distance themselves, or at all times if indoors
7 – No Ground Balls – rule is , first to GB wins the GB
8 – Players must bring their own, clearly identified water bottle and keep it 2 meters from all other water bottles
9 – Players must get dressed, including helmets and gloves, in the car.
10 – No hanging around inside a facility after an event, players must exit the field immediately.  
11 – Coaches need to make sure water bottles are, 6 feet apart, and clearly identifiable
12 – Bags must stay in the car, again, get dressed in the car.
13 – All players and coaches must fill out the COVID form prior to coming, and check in with the COVID Officer upon arrival